The beginning of something big, if we get your support.

This can be the beginning of something to really help the community through getting information and alerts out to the community through phone, texts, photos, social media, ham radio and which ever other ways will get this important info out into the community. We are attempting to setup an alert system to get out info about situations that our community should be aware about in a timely manner.

We saw in the recent “Banner Fire” that many residents were not aware of the danger that was right over the hill. Reverse 911 calls did not get to many people who could have been impacted by this. We all got very lucky in that the wind was not blowing also we had lots of resources in the county (Air Tankers, Helicopters, Engines and other assets) that could have been out fighting other fires in other jurisdictions and left us covered but struggling.

This website is an attempt to get out notifications about situations through our “grapevine” so our community can be aware of situations that may impact them in a more timely manner so members can at least be aware of a danger that may be around the corner they are not aware of.